The inspection is often the first face to face contact you will have with your property manager- make your first impression count

  1. Budget:

Make sure you do your budget before you start looking and find a home just below your comfortable outlay. If you cannot meet the amounts consistently then you may need to lower your budget. On time rent payments matter- they can impact any future application acceptance, even just a few late payments can make a landlord choose a more secure option.

  1. Suitability & Choice:

The wider the choice range, the harder the decision! You waste time and may miss out on your favourite home. Create a short list of your top 4 properties after checking they meet your needs for lifestyle, size, pets, etc. Make sure the home you choose is in your skill set or capability to care for and view its location on google maps for travel time.

  1. Confirm your appointment:

A quick call in the morning or day before shows proactivity, don’t leave it till 5 minutes before to cancel an appointment- half an hours’ notice minimum is polite

  1. Bring the decision makers:

Try and get all parties who make the decisions to the inspection to save on multiple appointments. This shows organization, respect and helps the speed for application approval. Often people cannot view homes as they are working, however the same is true of the business you are booking an appointment with. If inspecting property is difficult, commit to one afternoon of finishing early, a day of leave, a lunch break, RDO or way that can work for you and book in all the homes you wish to see with travel time between.

  1. Be well presented:

Just like you would for a job interview! This shows you take the process seriously, make an effort when needed, and have pride in presentation. It gives evidence that you will care for the property and tenancy in the same way you do yourself.

  1. Be on time:

Most agents will be working on tight schedule of back to back inspections.  Being prompt shows respect for others. If you are late, a simple call or text is common courtesy.

  1. Have a quick chat:

Be remembered and take a few minutes to explain why you love the property as someone who loves a property is more likely to take care of it. Don’t over share personal details or dominate others opportunity for a chat.

  1. Come prepared:

If you are super keen, then print the application and hand it in with the supporting documents. Better yet, send your application online to the agent before the inspection and make sure all applicants submit together.

  1. Show courtesy:

Small actions make great impressions! Things such as taking your shoes off at the door, not smoking on the premises, having manners, respecting time, keeping children in your care and not taking personal calls make a difference and are noticed and appreciated.

  1. Honesty:

Be honest in your current and future needs, and on your application. If you want a future pet, pick a pet friendly home; if more people will be moving in- advise the agent up front; if you have no leasing history, its not a negative and helps us provide relevant knowledge; if you have a negative rental history then be accountable and we can give knowledge and advice.